First things first

In our industry, design, online portfolios have been a thing for quite a few years now.

Before that however, designers used to carry a folder with prints of their work at interviews. That's how I had gotten my first job as a designer at a magazine.

This current version of my portfolio, is number three. Check out below version two

It was built with Bootstrap 3 and the design was based on a mockup a french designer had made in a visual thinking school I'd partaken in Amsterdam. Thank you XPLANE!

In 2010, following my army duties completion, I decided to move to Amsterdam and try to settle there.

That was when I seriously worked on creating my first online portfolio. Before that I had just a simple page with some images, my folder and some magazines which my work was featured in.


One of my early designs, included an e-shop for handmade jewellery, Sensemillia.

At that time, I wasn't doing any design work prior to building the page itself. I was just bluntly stealing design patterns from others.

That's how I'd built the following homepage →

So how did this domain name came about you ask. Well, surely it wasn't always meant to be used for my portfolio (or my blog).

Its purpose was to become a portal for tuned cars and bikes.

Growing up in Athens in the noughties, car tuning was a big thing. Affected by that fad and in need for a sideproject, that's what came to mind.

Check out Under-the-Ground origins made back in 2005 →

Throughout my life I've had the chance (and pleasure in most cases) to work for quite a few projects. There have been so many that I think I'm starting to lose track of.

That's something that as a teenager didn't see coming; I was so much looking forward to get started with all kinds of team projects that I'd never imagined there would come a day that there would be so many that I couldn't recall each and every one of them.

ANYWAY, after this small moment of self-reflection, let's move on!

Cool things

The section that follows is all about the random coolness of the past.

Exploring how eBoy does it