First things first

In our industry (design) online portfolios have been a thing for some years now.

Before them however, designers used to carry around at interviews a folder with prints of their work. That's how I had gotten my first job as a designer.

This current version of my portfolio, is number three. Check out below version two

It was built with Bootstrap 3 and the design was based on a mockup a french designer had made in a visual thinking school I'd partaken in Amsterdam.

In 2010, following my army duties completion, I decided to move to Amsterdam and try to settle there.

That was when I seriously worked on creating my first online portfolio . Before that I had just a simple page with some images, my folder and some magazines which my work was featured in.


In my endless quest to quench my thirst for knowledge I have explored many options. One of them is called ModX.

ModX is an open source PHP CMS which is pretty neat once you get the gist of it.

I used it to create an e-shop for handmade jewellery. Unfortunately it's no longer online and I have no other screenshot of it.

So how did this domain name came about you ask. Well, surely it wasn't always meant to be used for my portfolio (or my blog).

It's purpose was to become a portal for tuned cars and bikes.

Growing up in Athens in the noughties , car tuning was a big thing. Affected by that fad and in need for a sideproject, that's what came to mind.

Check out Under-the-Ground origins made back in 2005

Throughout my life I've had the chance (and pleasure in most cases) to work for quite a few projects. There have been so many that I think I'm starting to lose track of.

That's something that as a teenager didn't see coming; I was so much looking forward to get started with all kinds of team projects that I'd never imagined there would come a day that there would be so many that I couldn't recall each and every one of them.

ANYWAY, after this small moment of self-reflection, let's move on!

Cool things

The section that follows is all about the random coolness of the past.