Vasilis Kolip is a senior product designer with html prototyping skills.

― An interface lover who specializes in web and desktop products.

Growing up without outgrowing my soul

Hello! I'm a senior product designer with html prototyping skills. My work combines a background in computer science and user-centered design thinking.

Being able to quickly turn Figma designs, into functional prototypes (using Bootstrap & JS), has helped the teams I've worked with to:

  • Iterate quickly through yet uncharted waters
  • Better organize the development process
  • Get a sense of how the actual product should feel like

I'm typically responsible for creating user stories, wireframes, mockups and user testing, to making sure everything reflects brand's identity and design system's guidelines.

Moreover, I advise other designers and developers throughout the lifecycle of a project and work with them to meet high standards of accessibility, device specifications and most importantly, usability.

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